Mark Oriel, Instructor

Mark started life as a butcher while in school and before joining the Army, he then joined the Fire brigade and was fortunate enough to be selected for the International Search and Rescue team, which he was part of for six years. During this time he was deployed to northern Iraq in 1991 on Operation Safe Haven. It was during this time he saw first hand the relative ease in which the poorer people managed compared with the relatively better off.

On return from Iraq this compounded his desire to learn all he could regarding life skills, the important stuff to survive if the need arose. The ability to be able to be your own doctor, farmer, builder, gardener, hunter and gatherer was paramount.

Taking this literally he has spent the last 20 years gaining qualifications in sports therapy, intermediate trauma care, life coaching, sailing, Air Rifle Instructor and Bushcraft and Survival Instructor.

Mark has practised his skills in emergency situations and extreme locations, he has worked in Northern Iraq, Borneo and winter survival in Scotland. As a Fireman he was on the Sea Empress disaster, Texaco oil refinery explosions and fire and also worked on numerous road traffic incidents, this has provided him with a first hand insight into how emergency services work.

We will only teach what is effective; our courses are designed to provide the skills to rear your own livestock, grow your own food and hunt and forage to supplement the rest. We are not into any political correctness, we believe in treating everyone with respect and understanding. We encourage all students to relearn that they are responsible for their own actions.

Above all we aim to deliver an inspirational and fun course where you leave feeling satisfied with the skills you have learned, confidence gained and friends made.

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