Our courses adopt a hands on approach to learning, everyone is encouraged to take part in the practical sessions. We are very proud to offer a loyalty scheme of training where any student that wishes to return on a course that they have already taken part in are welcome to join us for only the cost of the deposit.

Bushcraft on a bike

The  Bushcraft on a bike course is for cycling enthusiasts who wish to learn more about bike maintenance and how to take part in a trip with the minimum amount of kit, we will learn the basics of fire, food, water and shelter in relation to cycling.

Country living skills

The country living skills course is just that, it is reflecting on how my ancestors lived on the same smallholding in Llanteg, Pembrokeshire for nearly 300 years.  My Grandparents raised 9 children on 20 acres, rearing their own livestock, growing their own food and hunting and trapping for meat-some may say poaching!  We will learn how to light fire, purify water and hunt for our food and forage for potage, and learn what medicines are in the great outdoors for free.  Even on a small parcel of ground you will be surprised what food you can produce for your family.

Both of these courses are an excellent foundation to getting back in touch with nature and realizing that she is always looking after us and providing for us.

for more information phone, 01437 532554